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  1. Thanks for your review
  2. Version 1.0.0


    How to use : https://www.crazyaim.io/forum/19-cheats-manual/
  3. Napoléon

    Rust "Colla"

    - Colla- Features : Aimbot : - Aimbot Active - Perfect Silent aim - Aimbot Visible check - Aimbot Bind (Rmouse, Lmouse, Shift) - Aimbot Bone - Aimbot ignore team - Aimbot FOV (modification slider) - Aimbot Smoothing (modification slider) - Aimbot Distance (modification slider) Visuals : - Player ESP - Bot ESP Active - Player Sleeper ESP - Player Corpse - Player Box - Player Skeleton - Player Health - Player Nickname - Player Weapon - Player ESP distance - CRATE ESP Crate ESP Crate Name Crate Distance Crate ESP distance - DROPPED ITEMS ESP Dropped Items ESP Dropped Items Name Dropped Items Distance Dropped Items ESP distance - CUPBOARD ESP Cupboard ESP Cupboard Name Cupboard Distance Cupboard ESP distance - COLLECTIBLE ESP Collectible ESP Collectible Name Collectible Distance Collectible ESP distance - COPTERS ESP Copters ESP Copters Name Copters Distance Copters ESP distance - HORSE ESP Horse ESP Horse Name Horse Distance Horse ESP distance - AIRDROP ESP AirDrop ESP AirDrop Name AirDrop Distance AirDrop ESP distance Others: - Draw Fov - Draw Crosshair - Spiderman - Debug Camera Video :
  4. 1.Disable The Secure Boot: Due the nature of the cheat using a driver, it is important to have this feature disabled in your BIOS. An easy way to know if your Secure Boot is already disabled is by opening the Command Prompt as administrator and write the following lines 2.Virtualization Enabled: There is an easy way to know if your virtualization is enabled or not. Use the task manager then check on Performance tab and finally verify that your virtualization is in effect enabled, otherwise like the BIOS, check how to enable this feature in your CPU model and if your current CPU support this technology.disamble 3.FastBoot: This feature should not impact the performance in your PC, but in some cases this is needed to avoid further problems. In case you don’t know how to disable it, then read this GUIDE to know on how to. Another Feature That Needs To Be Checked Is The Paging File Size. Here I Leave The Procedures For Minimum And Maximum Values: Search: View advanced system settings/Advanced System settings /Advanced/ Settings /Change –> Disable the Automatic option and set initial size to 5000 and maximum to 10000 and confirm. Other Features That May Cause Conflict With The Cheat And Need To Be Stopped/Disabled: – Uninstall any PC Cleaning Software or Antivirus (BleachBit, Glary Utilities, CCleaner, FSlint, PC Tuneup, Kaspersky etc…) – Run msconfig > Click startup > Disable all automatically starting programs > Restart PC – Run msconfig > Click services > Hide all Microsoft services > Disable all services besides BattlEye Service, EasyAntiEbook and GPU Driver – Disable Hyper-V (Search > Turn Windows Features on or off > Untick Hyper-V) – Disable EVERY OVERLAYS POSSIBLE (Origin, Uplay, Steam, WindowsGameBar) – Disable VT-D in BIOS
  5. Our Loader is very easy to use, If you need help, you can contact us on Discord
  6. Thanks for the review
  7. Hey, our cheat work with Intel and AMD, CPU / GPU
  8. - Napoleon - Features : Aimbot : Toggle Aimbot On/Off Toggle Aim Key Adjustable Aim FOV Smoothing Hitbox Visuals : Box ESP Skeleton ESP Health Bar Snaplines Name ESP Max Distance Misc : Streamproof Video : Soon Pictures :
  9. Version 1.0.1


    How to use : Click here (Only for customers)
  10. Version 1.0.0


    How to use : Click here (Only for customers)
  11. Version 1.0.0


    How to use : - Close Epic Games - Launch the loader - Enter your key and press enter - Start Epic Games and Fortnite F2 To inject it in-game (Play in fullscreen windowed) "Insert" to open/hide it
  12. - Apple - Features : Aimbot : - Memory Aimbot - Aim Lock - Advanced Aimbot Smoothing - Target lock - Sticky aim - Adjustable FOV - Aim only at visible enemies Visuals : - ESP - Team ESP - Player Names - Draw Team - Enemy Line - Skeleton Misc : - Rapid Fire - Bullet Teleport - Silent Aim - FOV Slider - No Spread - No Reload Video :
  13. Napoléon

    Apex reviews

    Thanks for the review, Yes distance ESP will be added soon
  14. Version 1.8




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