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  • PUBG Hacks with Aimbot, ESP, Wallhack 2021

    CrazyAim provide working PUBG Hacks 🏆 Fully undetected PUBG Cheats with a lots of features 🏆

  • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds was released in the spring of 2017 and has been a huge success. It is one of the biggest in the "battle royale" mode by opposing 100 players in real time of which only one survivor must remain. It quickly inspired its competitors such as Fortnite and Warzone which have now become giants. When you are thrown onto the battlefield, you will become both prey and hunter. Since March 2017, the attendance of the famous battle royale PUBG has only increased. With a peak of +280 million connected players, PUBG is arguably the best game of the moment. PUBG is the most played FPS game on mobile with 70 million daily mobile players. All these players are widening the gap between the best and the beginners. PUBG is very competitive with hundreds of thousands of players who dream of reaching the E-sport scene. To keep up with the pace, many methods exist, PUGB hacks are undoubtedly the best way to get a real advantage over your opponents!

    Video of our PUBG Hacks, showing the Aimbot, ESP and mores

    What are the PUBG hacks that will help you to succeed?

    PUBG hacks are great for improving your level and changing your gaming experience. Especially the PUBG cheats, they will help you to have a better gameplay so that you can finally be satisfied. PUBG cheats offer many features such as PUBG Aimbot, ESP, Wallhack and everything else you will need on the battlefield. With our PUBG cheats you will get incredible statistics. You will finally be able to win without any effort. There is nothing more satisfying than crushing all your opponents in a few clicks with our PUBG cheat software. The PUBG hacks we offer are completely customizable so you can play the way you want. The cheat software we provide is very intuitive and will allow you to improve drastically. Our cheats are reliable and effective and will allow you to use all the most sought after features to become stronger.


    What are the extraordinary features of PUBG cheats?

    You need to know at least the basic features to be able to use a PUBG cheat. There is nothing complicated, our software is very intuitive, you just need to know the basics to be able to cheat on PUBG properly. Keep in mind that the features that are available through our cheats are monstrous when properly set up.


    Image of our PUBG Hacks and Cheats


    Aimbot (PUBG Aimbot):

    This is undoubtedly the most used feature by cheaters to destroy their enemies. Aimbot assisted by our cheat software will allow you to target your enemies without any mistake. The aimbot will target the weakest point of your targets for you to destroy them very quickly. It will totally change your way of playing, your game experience will change completely, you will not be able to do without it. The PUBG aimbot is offered in our cheats with many adjustable options so that you can fine tune the settings to your taste. This feature works wonders when combined with options such as Silent Aim, target movement prediction, and automatic firing. 

    Extra Sensorial Perception (PUBG ESP):

    With ESP, you'll be able to perceive every important detail of your favorite game. PUBG ESP will not only allow you to see the enemies in your vicinity but also all the information about them such as their weapons, ammunition, distance and exact position. This will give you a real head start on your opponents. Your actions will magically become much more fluid because the ESP we offer will allow you to anticipate all the moves of your enemies. Not to mention that ESP also works with the environment around you, for example with vehicles and loot on the ground. All of this can be configured in just a few clicks. 

    Are there any risks in using these kinds of PUBG hacks?

    No ! Even though severe penalties are still very rare on PUBG due to hacks, we want to remind you that cheating is not safe for your account. It is obviously forbidden by the terms of use and the game rules to use external software to modify your favorite game. Despite this, you should know that all of our cheating software is undetectable by anti-cheats and other security measures put in place by the developers. You should also keep in mind that you will need to be discreet when using any of our cheats. We do not recommend using obvisous settings to avoid penalties on your account. The penalties set up are in the worst case easily circumvented with a new account and the use of an HWID Spoofer for PUBG. If you know how to remain discreet, cheating will be an excellent way for you to improve your level and finally win more games.


    Image of our PUBG Cheats, Aimbot section


    Why you should choose Crazyaim's PUBG cheats?

    Crazyaim's external cheat software for your favorite games remains arguably the best on the market. With exclusive and fully customizable features, our cheats will suit all players, from beginners to experienced players. It couldn't be easier to use our intuitive cheats. Our outstanding support will always be there to help you when you need help. The support we provide will always find answers to your questions because we want all our customers to be satisfied. Our forum is also open to the general public so that anyone can read our customer reviews to get an idea of our cheat software. Our PUBG hacks software will change the way you play to a professional level effortlessly. You will finally enjoy playing your favorite game with our cheating software. 



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    • I love it. There was no FPS drop / don't affect performance, and I stayed undetected while other providers are getting banned in the first round. Been 1 week I think and still Rainbow Six Siege Hacks is still UD, CrazyAim on top ! 
    • I used Apex Colla and R6 Soft  Both undetected and working good, no aimbot in the R6 cheat, a bit sad but It's a cheat for legit player  Apex : 5/5 R6 : 4/5 
    • The cheat is amazing, quite simple to use compared to other cheats  No ban even if I'm afraid to play on my main account, 10/10
    • Best cheat on the market, went from Diamond to Radiant 
    • Aimbot is 9/10. it's too perfect and highly not recommend if you trying to play legit on your main account and not trying to get ban unless you config the setting. even if you try to make it look legit in the setting I still suggest you do not use aimbot often because its easy to be notice. maybe once or twice if desperate, but that's my opinion if you trying to play with aimbot in rank and do not want to get reported and banned ''do not use aimbot often''.    Esp is 10/10. I enjoy using it, easy to use and that's all you really need to play legit with cheat. options are great and I'm positive anyone tries it will like it too.   NOTE: its undetected and safe to use. The only way you will get banned is if you get too many reports
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