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  • Rainbow Six Siege Hacks and Cheats

    Working Rainbow Six Siege Hacks and Cheats 🏆 Get access to the best R6 Cheats on the market 🏆 Including Aimbot, ESP and MORES

  • Since its release in December 2015, the famous FPS Rainbow Six Siege has been breaking all records, it has recently passed the 80 million players mark. This astronomical number of players proves that the game is still successful since its release with an evolution that keeps growing. However, this increased popularity that continues to generate interest thanks to its regular updates is not necessarily a good point for new players. As the number of players increases, the game becomes more complex. It would currently take hundreds, if not thousands, of long, boring and repetitive hours of play to really start enjoying the game. But there are other, smarter techniques to finally enjoy your favorite game. Rainbow Six Siege hacks for example are perfect to really enjoy your favorite game. R6 hacks will make your gameplay smoother and your gaming experience will be better. You can finally reach a real level with our R6 cheats, cheating will allow you to play like a professional player without any effort.

    What are the advantages of our R6 hacks?

    Our Rainbow Six Siege hacks offer you an extraordinary gaming experience by removing all the frustrating moments from your games. You won't die stupidly because you didn't see an enemy, you'll have a real edge over all your opponents. The features we offer are unique and will really help you. Our R6 cheats contain fully customizable features such as ESP, Aimbot, Wallhack or 2D radar. Also keep in mind that it remains completely undetectable. Your 1 vs 5 will always win because you will have a considerable advantage over all your enemies. The features mentioned above are completely customizable so that your R6 cheats are just the way you want them. Our Rainbow Six Siege hacks are suitable for all players, beginners as well as experienced. Streamers can even use it because our interface can be hidden as much as they want. Our R6 cheats are very easy to install and use. Our interfaces are very intuitive and you will have no trouble using them. The cheats we offer will change your life and fundamentally change the way you play and have fun so why not give it a try.


    Are Rainbow Six Siege hacks punishable?

    Obviously, cheating on R6 is not authorized by the developers and security measures are put in place to avoid R6 cheats but rest assured, we are professionals in this field and we assure you that our R6 hacks will never be detected. We use outstanding technologies that allow us to bypass all the security measures put in place by the developers. The daily updates that we apply to our R6 cheats will ensure that you are always up to date and never outdated by any addition. Our cheats are very reliable and effective against all your enemies and will allow you to play your favorite game like a professional. If you behave suspiciously, other players might tend to report your account, that's why our cheats come with low settings to avoid this kind of incident. When using our R6 hacks, we advise you to be discreet to avoid arousing suspicion in other players. But don't worry, if you use our R6 cheats correctly you have nothing to worry about


    Image of our R6 Cheats, available in our store


    What features are offered in our R6 hacks?

    Before you get into the world of cheating on Rainbow Six Siege, you need to know some basics to be able to use our R6 cheats in a correct way. Here are some of the most common features used by our customers that might interest you:
    The aimbot is a very advanced aiming aid that will allow you to:

    • Have an extreme precession with each shot to inflict maximum damage to your enemies 
    • Adapt to all environments, whether outdoors or indoors 
    • Adjust to any weapon so you can play any agent.
    • Suitable for any hard shooting distance

    You can also set the aimbot to play more or less aggressive. A smooth aim and a silent aim can be added to be even more undetectable.
    ESP and wallhack will allow you to see any target through the obstacles of the battlefield. You will have a complete view on your enemies. You will be able to know the aliases, the life points and the equipment of your opponents. You will have a real edge over your opponents. The traps of your opponents will be visible thanks to the R6 cheats.

    Why choose Crazyaim for your Rainbow six siege hacks?

    Our Rainbow six siege cheats are undoubtedly the best on the market, we offer very advanced cheats software with unique features and fully customizable. We want all our customers to be satisfied, that's why we offer the most reliable and efficient R6 cheats. You will finally be able to dominate the battlefield without any effort. Crazyaim offers features that will change your gaming experience forever. We provide you with a forum with a lot of useful information such as customer reviews and exclusive tutorials that will allow you to fully configure your Rainbow six siege hacks. A very high quality customer service is also reserved for you so that we can answer all your questions. There is nothing easier than cheating on Rainbow Six Siege with our cheats. You can only get better with cheat software like ours. So why not give it a try? 


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    • I love it. There was no FPS drop / don't affect performance, and I stayed undetected while other providers are getting banned in the first round. Been 1 week I think and still Rainbow Six Siege Hacks is still UD, CrazyAim on top ! 
    • I used Apex Colla and R6 Soft  Both undetected and working good, no aimbot in the R6 cheat, a bit sad but It's a cheat for legit player  Apex : 5/5 R6 : 4/5 
    • The cheat is amazing, quite simple to use compared to other cheats  No ban even if I'm afraid to play on my main account, 10/10
    • Best cheat on the market, went from Diamond to Radiant 
    • Aimbot is 9/10. it's too perfect and highly not recommend if you trying to play legit on your main account and not trying to get ban unless you config the setting. even if you try to make it look legit in the setting I still suggest you do not use aimbot often because its easy to be notice. maybe once or twice if desperate, but that's my opinion if you trying to play with aimbot in rank and do not want to get reported and banned ''do not use aimbot often''.    Esp is 10/10. I enjoy using it, easy to use and that's all you really need to play legit with cheat. options are great and I'm positive anyone tries it will like it too.   NOTE: its undetected and safe to use. The only way you will get banned is if you get too many reports
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