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  • Undetected Rust Hacks Cheats with Aimbot, ESP/Wallhack 2021

  • About Rust :

    Rust is the famous first person shooter game more than realistic. The game gained huge popularity when it started to be streamed on Twitch by the biggest streamers. The goal of the game is to survive to build a base and attack enemies. Raids and loot will be your daily routine. Many new players arrive every day and the difficulty of the game increases gradually. Numerous updates that bring many new features arrive regularly. To counter this difficulty, Rust hacks more or less powerful exist. The best way to really enjoy the game is to use a cheat software. With a Rust cheats, everything will become more fluid, your game experience will change completely and you will not have to make any effort. Our cheat software allows you to never be frustrated again, you will have a definite advantage over all your enemies. With our licenses, you will discover many features that will simplify your life such as Aimbot, ESP, 2D radar, anti-recoil and much more... Winning games will no longer be a laborious task with Crazyaim cheats! 

    Video of our Rust cheats :

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    Why should you use Rust cheats?

    If you've never cheated on a video game, you can't even imagine the satisfaction it brings you. Imagine crushing all of your opponents effortlessly so that you can go on to win after win. Our cheats are very intuitive and will suit all users, whether they are beginners or experienced players. Streakers can also use our Rust cheats as they can become completely invisible. The cheats will awaken in you a very experienced player, like a professional who trains for long hours every day. Cheating is within your reach and anyone would be able to play like a pro. The frustration of defeat will be far behind you once you try our Rust cheats. The many features we offer will fit perfectly with your playing style because they are customizable. You can for example with the AimBot, set the automatic shooting, the detection distances and even a smooth aim to look like a normal player. 

    Our Rust Aimbot :

    For Rust, the Aimbot comes with most hacking packages, and as it is common to first person shooter games, All our Rust cheats have an Aimbot 
    Our aimbot for rust is totally undetected, it is totally customizable, to make it perfect for you 

    Aimbots provide precision aim and efficient shooting to kill enemy players as fast as possible. If you consistently take out players when you shouldn’t really be able to, it can bring attention from the game administrators. So, unless you are not concerned about getting caught and banned, using a little discretion in how effectively you use an Aimbot would be a good idea.



    What features are available with our Rust Hacks?

    Obviously, Rust Aimbot is the best known feature of our cheat software. It allows you to automatically target your enemies on their weakest point to inflict maximum damage. This can be very useful if you don't have enough time to train your aim. The aimbot will allow you not to miss any enemy and you will not have to make any effort. Nothing is more powerful than the aimbot, especially when it is well configured. 

    ESP is probably the best feature that exists today. It allows you to see the elements you want through the obstacles. You will be able to see the location of your opponent and the available loot. You will be able to predict their movements to anticipate what you should do, so you will always be one step ahead of the enemy. Other information such as the distance to your opponents, their hit points as well as their weapons and ammunition can be activated directly in game with CrazyAim.
    Other lesser known features such as SilentAim, LootESP and anti-recoil are also very useful. The combination of all the features presented here will give you the power to become a monster on the battlefield. Keep in mind that all the features we offer are fully customizable.

    The Safest Rust Cheats in 2021 :

    If you are looking for a totally undetected Rust cheat with a lot of features, you are at the right place, 
    We update our cheats after each game update, the cheats are also tested every day by the developers to improve the features and also to make sure that nothing is detected by the Rust anticheat (EAC). Hundreds of customers use our Rust cheats everyday. Join our community and start dominating all players and servers. 

    Our cheat for rust is very simple to use, after buying a subscription, you have instant access to the cheat loader, your private key and a manual to use it perfectly

    Why you should choose CrazyAim?

    CrazyAim is probably the one that offers the lowest price for performance and reliability. All of our software is designed and tested to be completely undetectable. Unlike free hacks, our cheats are optimized, functional and do not contain any malicious code. Once you purchase a license from us, you will be able to enjoy all the features offered without any limitations. The Rust cheats we offer will suit you perfectly because they are easy to use and you can change all the settings you want. You will be surprised to see the incredible efficiency that our Rust cheats offer. We want all our customers to be satisfied, that's why we have set up a very active support to answer your questions and solve your problems. We also have an extensive forum where you can see what's new, hear from our customers and find answers to the most frequently asked questions. Hacks are one of the only ways to enjoy your favorite game effortlessly, so take advantage of them now!



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    • I love it. There was no FPS drop / don't affect performance, and I stayed undetected while other providers are getting banned in the first round. Been 1 week I think and still Rainbow Six Siege Hacks is still UD, CrazyAim on top ! 
    • I used Apex Colla and R6 Soft  Both undetected and working good, no aimbot in the R6 cheat, a bit sad but It's a cheat for legit player  Apex : 5/5 R6 : 4/5 
    • The cheat is amazing, quite simple to use compared to other cheats  No ban even if I'm afraid to play on my main account, 10/10
    • Best cheat on the market, went from Diamond to Radiant 
    • Aimbot is 9/10. it's too perfect and highly not recommend if you trying to play legit on your main account and not trying to get ban unless you config the setting. even if you try to make it look legit in the setting I still suggest you do not use aimbot often because its easy to be notice. maybe once or twice if desperate, but that's my opinion if you trying to play with aimbot in rank and do not want to get reported and banned ''do not use aimbot often''.    Esp is 10/10. I enjoy using it, easy to use and that's all you really need to play legit with cheat. options are great and I'm positive anyone tries it will like it too.   NOTE: its undetected and safe to use. The only way you will get banned is if you get too many reports
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