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  • What is an aimbot in video games?

  • What is an Aimbot?

    An aimbot is a feature added to the video game using a simple cheat software. Aimbots allow you to have an aim assisted by a cheat software, in other words, it will allow you to automatically target your enemies. A variant of the aimbot is the triggerbot, it will automatically shoot if an enemy appears in your field of vision (FOV). You should not confuse these two features (Aimbot and Triggerbot) even if they are similar. You need a cheat software to have this kind of functionality. Crazyaim offers you very elaborate cheats with features that will be very useful for you. This is very effective when you want to dominate your opponents and win!

  • What are the different types of Aimbot?


    • OnPress Mode Aimbot: 
      This feature will allow you to activate your aimbot only if a key is pressed. Depending on the software you are using, this key can be set but most often it is the right click of your mouse. For example, if this key is defined by your right click, your cursor will be directed on the weak point of the enemy (most often the head) when your right click is pressed.
    • Silent aimbot:
      Silent aim is probably the most useful feature when you use a cheat. It allows you to hit your enemy in all cases, even if you shoot aside. This will allow you to be less spotted when your opponent looks at the killcam. Add this feature with a Smooth Aim and you'll look like a good player who doesn't cheat.


    How to look legit as possible with an Aimbot?

    An Aimbot will always make you stronger than your enemy, Aimbots are really powerful when set up correctly. Keep in mind that a well configured Aimbot is an undetectable Aimbot. To avoid penalties and any kind of ban, you need to be discreet. You have to find the right balance between the aim of an enraged aimbot and the aim of a basic player.
    CrazyAim offers cheats software that will allow you to set up your Aimbot as you wish. This can be very useful if you don't want to train your aimbot for weeks or even months. Our software is delivered by default with a low configuration so that you can be sure not to be overwhelmed by the penalties.

    The recommended method is to remain partially discreet to avoid all the bans and enjoy your favorite game while having fun. With our Aimbot we offer all the most useful options such as shot prediction, automatic shooting on the closest enemies, SilentAim of course and many others that you can discover directly in game. There is nothing more effective than an aimbot against your enemies. It's never been easier to cheat on your favorite games with Crazyaim, so enjoy!  


    Are there any risks when you use an Aimbot?

    Any form of cheating is forbidden in video games. You must choose a good cheat provider to be sure that you won't be detected as a cheater by your game's anticheat.
    We provide highly advanced cheat software that will allow you to have fun in complete freedom while remaining completely invisible to the anti-cheat. Don't worry, if you get banned, Crazyaim also offers Spoofers that will allow you to change your digital identity and bypass any form of bans.


    Why should you choose Crazyaim's Aimbot?

    CrazyAim offers the best cheats on the market. You can take advantage of them right now and discover incredible features such as Aimbot, Triggerbot, Silent Aim, ESP and everything else you can think of. All these features will make you discover a new game with a completely different experience. Our software is very intuitive and adapts to your playing style so that you will always be satisfied even if you are a beginner or a seasoned gamer.
    The hacks created by Crazyaim are completely customizable, so you'll be able to find all the options to set up your features the way you want. With a few clicks, your cheat can be hidden, this is very useful if you are a streamer.

    Regular updates make our software reliable, unlike random freeware. You will find a lot of software that will offer you to cheat for free on the internet but all of them are either ineffective, or are no longer up to date and therefore detectable by the anti-cheat, or at worst contain malware. Your level will be unrecognizable when you use our cheats. In addition to providing you with excellent software, we also provide you with active support after your purchase to answer all your questions and to help you in case of problems. You can trust our support, you will always get a concrete answer in the smallest detail. A forum is also available for you to read the opinions of our loyal customers and find answers to the most frequently asked questions. CrazyAim offers the most effective and reliable cheats software on the market at a reasonable price, so why not take advantage of it?


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